Our Learning


Aspen Grove School believes in kids. Each child is unique and deserves dignity and respect. Through a positive culture of collaboration, individual supports, innovative learning environments, in an enthusiastic, caring, and respectful environment, every student can succeed. We are student-focused and develop effective relationships with both students and parents to make decisions in the interest of the whole child. We play an integral role in nurturing students - educationally, emotionally, and socially. It is our strong rapport and genuine connections with students, families, and each other that help create the culture of excellence and commitment.  We believe in developing an active, supportive, stimulating environment to promote positive attitudes towards school and lifelong learningWhether small or large, individual, or collective, student or staff, we celebrate the many achievements, goals, and successes we experience. It is through rich and engaging school experiences in which students are encouraged to be creative, explore learning, and collaborate, that we strive to develop 21st Century competencies. We believe infused character education assists to produce cooperative, contributing, and caring individualswho know how to do the right thing when nobody is watching.